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Green Advantage - Environmental 

Green Advantage® Certified practitioners employed by
Innovative Millwork Systems:

Bruce Gribbin

Phillip Cope

Lloyd Hagler

Green Advantage®

Today’s environmentally conscious client prefers structures that are: energy and water efficient, durable and disaster resistant, healthier and environmentally friendly. Green Advantage® certifies the knowledge of practitioners at IMS in the latest “green” building practices, technologies and techniques.

Why utilize the knowledge of a Green Advantage® Certified practitioner?

There are many decisions to make about site location, materials, durability, health impacts, safety and cost. These decisions will bear directly on the satisfaction of the users and occupants when your building project is done, as well as its energy and water efficiency, environmental effects, long-term performance, disaster resistance, aesthetics, and more over the life of the building. All factor into its market value in the future.

IMS employs individuals that are Green Advantage® Certified commercial practitioners. These individuals have become certified in order to better serve you in your quest for an environmentally friendly building. It's not only “the right thing to do,” but it can also pay you many dividends as you select a qualified subcontractor or builder who can assist you in constructing a project designed to have lower utility bills, increased comfort and better durability.

As Green Advantage® Certified practitioners, these specific employees at IMS have proven knowledge about green building techniques and approaches that use:

  • Overview of the green building industry/green building materials
  • Energy- and water-efficient building technologies
  • Sustainable construction technologies that enhance disaster resistance and resistance to termites and other biological hazards
  • Healthy construction methods that improve air quality and the health of building occupants
  • Land planning, land development, and land management practices that protect wildlife habitats, soil and water, and foster biodiversity

Utilizing Green Advantage® Certified practitioners just makes sense – now and for the future.

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